Amanda & Chloe

Amanda (on the left) and Chloe (on the right) have been direct competitors for years. They appeal to the same niche market, work with the same budgets, and have very similar styles. They even reside in the same general geographic location! So when they met, they could either choose to compete with one another or choose to bring the wedding stationery industry together and educate others who are just as passionate about creating something unique for their brides and grooms. After realizing there are very few resources and tools for wedding stationers to learn and grow, Amanda and Chloe decided to pave the way for stationers all over the world to become more confident and knowledgeable in their wedding stationery skills. While it started off as a small, intimate group of stationers, it has since grown to much more. The Wedding Stationery Collective is a movement of community over competition in the wedding stationery industry, thanks to the fire lit by The Rising Tide Society.

With a combined 20 years in the industry, Amanda and Chloe are still learning and changing with the trends, so they know you have questions, too! Their hearts behind the Wedding Stationery Collective are to bring the most valuable tools, lessons, resources, and business ideas directly to you. Now it’s time for you to grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and gain more confidence in your stationery skills!

Amanda & Chloe both love…

  • Gorgeous typography
  • Kittens and puppies
  • God
  • Strong coffee
  • Yoga pants & t-shirts
  • Champagne & macarons

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